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Annual General Meeting 2nd March 2019

At the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution

Queen Square Bath BA1 2HN at 11.30am


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Wonder Women of Space exhibition at The Herschel Museum of Astronomy

The history of astronomy is filled with amazing women like Caroline Herschel, who discovered comets and mapped stars. She succeeded in claiming a rightful place in scientific circles through passion and dedication during times when intelligence in women was frequently disregarded. Inspired by a 1950s issue of Wonder Woman which featured Caroline Herschel as part of a series of Wonder Women of History, this exhibition celebrates modern day role models in space and engineering who are changing the way we see the world, and beyond.

In the exhibition Wonder Women of Space we have invited four women at various points in their careers in astrophysics, astronomy and space engineering to choose their favourite object from the Museum’s collection, and share what inspires them about space and how they would inspire the next generation of scientists.

The exhibition is supported by a programme of associated talks and activities.

“In the year we commemorate the 100th anniversary of votes for women, this exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary role Caroline Herschel played in breaking through the barrier of a male dominated scientific community, and how she continues to inspire women in science today.” – Dr Amy Frost, Science Curator, Bath Preservation Trust

“The study of space and our place in the Universe is as exciting and important as it was in Caroline Herschel’s day. The Women of Space exhibition celebrates the role of women scientists and engineers who are advancing the frontiers of knowledge and continue the Herschel legacy. I am thrilled and honoured to be included with such talented women, and I can’t wait to visit the Herschel Museum to see the exhibition.” – Prof Carole Mundell, Head of Department of Physics, University of Bath.

William Herschel Society Events

Bath Astronomers’ Events

Thursday 31st Jan – Bath Astronomers monthly meeting at 7:30pm, venue Percy Centre;

Thursday 28th Feb – Bath Astronomers monthly meeting at 7:30pm, venue Percy Centre – Measuring the Universe;

Thursday 28th Mar – Bath Astronomers monthly meeting at 7:30pm, venue Percy Centre;

Additional Information

The Society organises regular lectures on astronomy, which are generally held on the first Friday of the month at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute in Queen Square. Entrance is £2 for Society and BRLSI Members, and full time students, and £4 for other visitors.

We also organise one lecture jointly with the University of Bath on campus in the Autumn.

Public observing events are organised from time to time by Bath Astronomers.

Astronomy, music and dance collide in a captivating duet, telling the extraordinary story of William and Caroline Herschel